Our MEDIA MAPPING TOOLS quickly pinpoint the media habits of your target consumer allowing you to precisely and efficiently focus your advertising spend.

The media mapping product was seamless to integrate into our other research initiative. The level of detail you can get to through this product is great. It not only saved us precious time and budget but it provided us with all the information to develop robust media targeting plans.

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How does Media Mapping work?

  • Murphy Research has developed a large database of media usage that covers TV, print, apps, social media, platform, websites, and more.
  • Using this database, we have developed algorithms that model the relationship between media habits.
  • This information allows us to develop in-depth media profiles based on a short profiling battery that can be included in any study (A&U, Segmentation, Concept Testing, etc.). 
  • This allows our clients flexibility in defining the target consumer after the research is analyzed (target segments, or concept acceptors) while still allowing access to in-depth profiling without the time and expense associated with another round of research.

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What are Media Maps?

Why use Media Mapping?

Media Maps paint a thorough picture of your target’s media consumption without the need for a separate customer profiling study. You can quickly see the TV, website, app, radio, magazine, and social media consumption for your target customer.

The myriad of options available to marketers today can be over-whelming. You need a way to precisely target your consumers efficiently to maximize conversion.

Our Media Mapping technology can be embedded in early-stage research processes such as A&Us, Segmentations, Concept Tests, Product Optimization Research, and Communications Tests.

Traditional methods of targeting/profiling have entailed separate research initiatives that consume precious time and budget resources.

This allows precise targeting information to be extracted from ongoing research initiatives; saving your team time and budget.

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